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Alexdog Bonaventura (Bonna) - 8 years !

2019, January, 14  Alexdog Bonaventura (Bonna) - 8 years !

Congratulations to the beautiful Bonn! Health and longevity!
I warmly thank the owners for their love and care!

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Walk November!

2014, November, 06  Walk November!

My favorite girls!!!
GUINEVERE de L'Outsaina (Gwen) — 3,5 years.
Fanagoria Angelina Super Star (Gelya) — 8 years and 11 months
Many Photos

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New photos - home photos

2014, August, 14  New photos - home photos

Home photos. This photo was taken in a relaxed home environment.. These photos show the nature of dogs. Dogs are funny and sad, funny and serious, touching and tender — like people!
Many photos

Alexdog, dogs, personal album, Bogart Bigulla, Angelina Fanagoria Super Star, Fanagoria Angelina Super Star , "Zlata-2014", home photos